Talent Engagement Cycle

Burnout. Gossip. Silos. Barriers. Drama. Toxicity. Micro-Management. Sunday Scaries. All talent engagement challenges. More and more people dread Mondays, or whatever your first day is for the work week. I don’t think more pizza or doughnuts solve the problem. Ping pong tables don’t. You can’t fool generations with “things”. Many businesses are trying to attractContinue reading “Talent Engagement Cycle”

Leading Through Crisis-5 Key Crisis Elements

The Final Piece Last time, I share with you some of the key elements of leadership in a crisis. More important than knowing these elements, is how you integrate them into your personal and professional development. What is the next step you should take? Next, in this last part of the series, let’s hear moreContinue reading “Leading Through Crisis-5 Key Crisis Elements”

Who the heck is Todd?

When I was recording a message for my parent’s 70th wedding anniversary it finally dawned on me. The message to them was a bit emotional. What can you say to two people who are better friends than marriage partners (and that’s a good thing). My epiphany was that my life has been centered around water.Continue reading “Who the heck is Todd?”

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