The 4 Ps of Crisis Leadership

We need to be in recovery and reconstruction mode and only crisis leadership can get us through it. We will most assuredly come out of this crisis differently. It will be up to each of us if we want to make that difference better. It certainly can be better, even as painful as it hasContinue reading “The 4 Ps of Crisis Leadership”

Others Are Passing Us By – Stop It!

How is it that others are passing us by? Does it have to do with company culture? Could it be a leadership challenge, too? When you go to a business and can’t find someone to help you find something or to a restaurant and can’t get a refill, that’s OUR problem. No need to getContinue reading “Others Are Passing Us By – Stop It!”

Transformation Through Change & Uncertainty

What IS certain is change & uncertainty! What is uncertain is our transformation through that! If you haven’t learned that, where have you been? The only word that has come through the past four years that makes any sense is pivot. If you learned how to pivot as a business, community, or person, then theContinue reading “Transformation Through Change & Uncertainty”

Who the heck is Todd?

When I was recording a message for my parent’s 70th wedding anniversary it finally dawned on me. The message to them was a bit emotional. What can you say to two people who are better friends than marriage partners (and that’s a good thing). My epiphany was that my life has been centered around water.Continue reading “Who the heck is Todd?”

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