Leading Through Crisis-6 Elements

Part 3/Leadership Principles-cont. Part 2 Last time I went into some detail the 1) Leadership Is Influence, 2) Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership, and 3) How We View Things is How We Do Things. With those three general leadership principles in mind, what are some of the key elements of leadership during a crisis?Continue reading “Leading Through Crisis-6 Elements”

Leading Through Crisis-Part 2/ Leadership

Part Two of the Leading Through Crisis series There are three general leadership principles that I’d like to share first. It IS important to know throughout this article that we are ALL leaders. Your title is meaningless as it relates to the definition of a leader. The first principle of leadership is… LEADERSHIP IS INFLUENCEContinue reading “Leading Through Crisis-Part 2/ Leadership”

Leading Through Crisis

The crisis doesn’t matter with the right leadership. The skills matter. A crisis is a great divider among leaders. By reading this article, you will take another big step toward your own personal and professional growth. “Leading Through Crisis” was designed by John C. Maxwell with you in mind. I hope this is just oneContinue reading “Leading Through Crisis”

7 Amazing Leadership Lessons a Non-Golfer Learned from Golf

Lessons 6 & 7 COUNTING ON COMMITMENT When you make a commitment, you must follow through, especially as a volunteer. That’s even more true in leadership. Others are counting on you, yet still others will often step up. It was sad when volunteers didn’t show up, but fortunately it was rare. It made the jobsContinue reading “7 Amazing Leadership Lessons a Non-Golfer Learned from Golf”

7 Leadership Lessons a Non-Golfer Learned From Golf (continued)

Lessons 4/5 of 7… TAP YOUR CAPAcknowledging recognition and gratitude is an important part of the game. Players will at least tap, if not tip, their cap after the spectators applaud. Competitors will also often make a comment or gesture as well, to recognize good play. At the end of the eighteen holes, players takeContinue reading “7 Leadership Lessons a Non-Golfer Learned From Golf (continued)”

7 Leadership Lessons a Non-Golfer Learned From Golf (continued)

Lesson 2&3 of 7 RESPECT THE SILENCE Addressing the ball is an amazing aspect of golf. When the golfer is at their ball, they are preparing to hit or putt their shot at the hole. When they approach/address the ball, it is amazing how quiet the hundreds, even thousands, of people can get. The spectatorsContinue reading “7 Leadership Lessons a Non-Golfer Learned From Golf (continued)”

7 Deadly Mistakes Every Great Leader Avoids

Conclusion: Parts 6 & 7 6. Forgetting About Your People Leaders who focus solely on achieving the organization’s goals risk neglecting their team members’ well-being and morale. Leaders should prioritize creating a positive work culture that fosters inclusion and diversity. With the right culture in place, then it is possible to achieve the mission, vision,Continue reading “7 Deadly Mistakes Every Great Leader Avoids”