Todd Kuckkahn helps others discover their potential

Nov 18, 2022 Read the full story written by Greg Gerber at Be sure to connect with Greg on Facebook & LinkedIn, too. Todd Kuckkahn is on a mission to revolutionize company culture and leadership. His efforts assist businesses with their budget’s bottom line. In a way, he needed lots of experience in gatheringContinue reading Todd Kuckkahn helps others discover their potential

Are You “Investor-Worthy”?

Part 5 of 5 Compensation and benefits are certainly crucial factors, but not the only ones. How are your employees benefitting beyond that? What are you doing to make the workplace somewhere people want to go in the morning or whenever their day starts? Are you keeping the jackasses around? Are you offering leadership opportunitiesContinue reading “Are You “Investor-Worthy”?”

Are You “Investor-Worthy”?

Part 4 of ??? And speaking of accessibility, that is key as it relates to transportation. Just like everything else, more is better. In my small community, we have active rail running through our community. We have a city airport along with a regional airport twenty minutes away. Two major airports are about three hoursContinue reading “Are You “Investor-Worthy”?”

Are You “Investor-Worthy”?

Part 3 of ???? Speaking of truthful, that is a key element throughout the process. Businesses and site selectors will have a great deal more respect for you and your community with honesty and trust. While it may not bring that particular business to your community, it can drive more business your way through referralsContinue reading “Are You “Investor-Worthy”?”

Elevate Employee Engagement!

Presented by S.C. Capitol Investing,, and 110 Percent Inc. Inflation. Gas Prices. Elections. Recession. Great Resignation. Our personal lives and the workplace are bombarded with messages of change and uncertainty. What does uncertainty and change lead to in the workplace? A huge decrease in employee engagement! Harvard Business Review survey showed, “(o)nly 1 inContinue reading “Elevate Employee Engagement!”

Are You Investor-Worthy?

Part 1 of ??? The character Elaine Benes of the renowned comedy series, Seinfeld, considers whether her boyfriends are sponge-worthy or not. It was at a time in our history when contraceptive sponges were rumored to be unhealthy and even dangerous. The truth was different. Elaine had a specific line of questioning she would goContinue reading “Are You Investor-Worthy?”

Economic Development Through Leadership

Never thought I’d be a writer for an international site selector and economic development publication. Here is the link for the article: I began writing for Courtney Margetson and FDI Alliance International when I worked for the chamber and economic development organization in my community. It continued after I left and went full-time withContinue reading “Economic Development Through Leadership”

The Frustrations of Biking

Are YOU the person wearing the cool shades, and their hat on backwards, and the expensive running shoes, and the tight bright logoed tank top and shorts, with the technology overloaded watch, and ear-thingies? You could have at least grunted. One of my favorite forms of exercise and relaxation is riding the Green Circle Trail.Continue reading “The Frustrations of Biking”