The tide for growth is here.


We would be more than happy for you to write Todd a $50,000 check for some bland, pre-programmed content to solve whatever problem is impacting your organization. But you don’t want that, do you?

Struggling teams. Stagnant or declining sales. Poor customer relations. Caustic corporate culture. Every business is different. Even within the same organization, there are differences, especially if the locations are across the world.

Corporate culture eats vision. Todd can work with you to put the best strategic plan together yet your culture can eat your vision and the planning goes down the drain. Belief systems need to change. How do you do that?

First, we need to talk. And not just “how are you” “I am fine” over coffee. In order to create a customized approach to begin to address the challenges that may be holding your business back (including you), we need to go through some Q&A. Then we can begin customizing solutions.


Todd has traveled thousands of miles across the country and spoken to hundreds of people. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is Todd’s interest in adding value to people and the places they work so the culture creates efficient teams, sales increase, customers welcome a call and the corporate culture is a talent magnet?

  • Put Your Oxygen Mask On First
  • Those Darn Kids-Generational Differences in the Workplace
  • Talent Engagement Cycle


Again, Todd has spent a lot of his life teaching college and high school. If you are thinking of sitting in nicely lined rows with your hands crossed on your desk, you are on the wrong website. Teaching is about interaction and experiencing, not taking reams and reams of notes.

  • Leadership Laws | Leadership Game
  • Building Trust to Build Productivity
  • DISCing to Increased Productivity


Yes, Todd spent a lot of his life coaching college, high school, and youth basketball. That is instructional coaching. This is shut up and listen coaching. A true coach asks questions, shuts up, listens, and adjusts to further help the individual’s personal growth. This can also be done in a group setting, online or in person. 

Todd’s enthusiasm for making people, teams, and companies better is contagious.  He brings an energy to meetings and trainings that motivates and inspires.  While steadfast in his research and delivery he remains flexible and is intuitive enough to know when to shift and lead the conversation to light bulb moments that create breakthroughs.  Todd is exactly what we needed to take our programs to the next level! 

Tracy Brewer,  Business Development Manager, Northcentral Technical College

Let’s dive into together.

Todd Kuckkahn
Live & Virtual Keynote Speaker | Executive Coach | Workshop Facilitator | DISC Consultant | DEI Certified